humble beginnings:the magpie

this piece began as a bargain piece; a coffee relief picture. i took the coffee piece out to use the frame (the coffee may come up again later, who knows?). 
the nest is a leftover decoration from my wedding. i lightly sprayed it with silver spray paint and glitter. 
this piece is inspired by the magpie, a bird that collects shiny and fun things for its nest. i added some buttons (for eggs), a feather, tiny clock, a pin, a gear and a key on the inside.
the frame has a used paintbrush head (new favorite thing?) and a silver $1 Michael's key with a handwritten Home.
on the inside and the back, i used some of Tim's Tissue Tape to cover the blank areas, it fits into the color scheme pretty nicely.  
this piece has been in the mental works for a while, coming from an old sketch. it's so nice to see your ideas come to life. here is the original frame and sketch:


  1. Wow love this total transformation, a fab piece of art. x

  2. Anonymous27.1.12

    This is super magical! I wish I had the dedication to make as many art projects as you do *le sigh* however, I'm too glued to vegging out in front of biggest loser LOL


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