On the Wings of Industry

for this piece, i started with a 5"x7" piece of wood covered with a piece of paper from one of Tim's paper stacks. then i started to put stuff together. i went through a lot of bad stuff before i finally got to the little metal man torso. i found that in a parking lot on campus, it seems to be part of an unwanted trophy. i put that inside of a metal cup from the Dollar Tree's wedding favors section.

i keep finding these butterfly wings in thrift shops, and i keep getting them because they work so well for a bunch of things! and coincidentally they match up with where the man's arms should be. the key is from Michael's (finally got there on a good day and snagged a ton of these for $1 each). the nuts are from that trip to my parents' farm and the definition is from my tattered dictionary. the skull is another Dollar Tree item, from a pack of Halloween skeletons.

i added some clock wire wrapping, haven't done that in a while, and it is finished! On the Wings of Industry.

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