obligatory configuration box: Margaritte

last year for our anniversary my husband got me a bunch of art stuff (remember that?) and i finally got around to using the Tim Holtz configuration box. i decided to follow the directions on the video online. i use Tim's tissue tape and the Lost & Found paper stack. 
the objects added are a few doll parts (post on that to come!), antique spool of thread, an old button and watch parts. the key is one of those fabulous $1 Michael's finds. 
i stamped the outside with some more $1 Michael's stamps and it was done. i like the girly cute feel that it has. 
however, i don't think i'd work the configuration boxes again. i love the way you can change up the arrangement of the boxes however you want, but they're awkwardly deep for what i do. and i also enjoy the original and spontaneous setups i can get from using old drawers and shelves and found pieces of wood. 
not to knock Tim's boxes, they are excellent, but i wouldn't make it my only medium. a configuration box every now and then is a nice addition to the collection.

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