i finally found how to use this rusty old faucet
first step: i covered a wooden plaque with some floral scrapbook paper.
then i started layering the metal pieces. the metal butterfly came first (warning: assemblage art is very dangerous. that wing went inside of my finger, sliced open my knuckle).
after the butterfly of doom was nailed down, i added the faucet. it's turned at a weird angle so i could use the parts of it differently. it is held on using nails that run through gears.
after that i added the glass gem with the eye drawing and the light bulb. i originally had a clear bulb, but i decided this was better. and that is it! this one is called Quench.
tonight is the last night of my encaustic workshop at the Murfreesboro Art League. i will be completing this piece. the sculpture is complete, now it just need to be mounted onto the background, a simple text collage. can't wait to see how this turns out!

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