so...where is the art?

this is where the art is. it kicked my ass about a month ago. i went on an art making spree (On the Wings of IndustryMagaritte, The Magpie, and my favorite, Sequence), then i hit a creative wall. i started a piece using more of those lovely doll parts. this one will be called Jane, if ever i get to finish it. but for now, she is stuck here, while i try to recoup and satisfy my other creative needs (home and clothing, thank you Pinterest).
also, i have noticed a huge influx of page views in the past week (by huge i mean i went from an average of 17 to 237, yikes!). so let me know who you are where you're coming from and what you're interested in! i'd love to hear from you!

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  1. very very cool. Huge fan of mixed media and steam punk.



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