subject 6.7

so this lady is finally finished! i started with a metal circle and burned speaker combined with some doll parts. 
 for the background and base, i tore up some pages of an old book to create a collage then mounted that on an 8"x10" piece of Masonite board. 
at my final encaustic workshop this past Monday, i did a clear fill around the piece.
after that, i scraped down the encaustic medium to make it more smooth before i started adding all the little parts. 
the center contains a watch part with a magnifying glass mounted above it. the other 2 circles are old pieces of clocks. small black wires were added to spread around the black color.
last, i added the label, Subject 6.7. this piece reminded me of a bug collection or dissection, so i carried on from there. so happy this one is done!

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